Redex International GmbH is one of the active companies in renewable energy with a strong presence in the European, Asian and African energy markets. REDEX is active in all major areas of renewable energy technology; the design and construction of on-shore wind technology, on-grid and off-grid solar and bioenergy solutions for governments and nongovernmental institutions and agencies. With our head office in Essen, Germany, we make use of rigorous market research to maintain an edge in several energy markets. We bring German technical know-how to unexploited opportunities in the energy market. Redex is committed to providing access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy across the globe. Our services make enormous contributions to fostering sustainable development and tackling climate change.


What we Do

Redex International has a network of experts and partners in several markets and countries. With the help of market research and our technological know-how; We provide market data, inter-cultural competency, legal advice and market/risk analysis to our partners and project owners. We provide technical and commercial partner covering to budding projects. We facilitate market penetration and expansion for European energy companies and service providers. We lead and oversee project and investment realizations in the energy sector. We are open to pre-financing renewable energy projects.

If your company/Government is looking to take control of its energy costs, reduce bills, find an energy provider that it can trust, and improve its performance on environmental standards, you should consider Redex-International. By utilizing the energy savings, the client may be able to put the funds once used to pay for energy towards the capital improvement that would otherwise be unfeasible with the currently allotted funding.


Our Values

We believe building a renewable energy future requires a collective effort. With this perspective in mind, we consider customer commitment, service efficiency, consistency and integrity as core values in our service delivery process. These qualities create a conducive environment for people, agencies, companies, governments and non-governmental institutions to join us in creating renewable energy systems for people from different strata of society.



Energy efficiency is the cornerstone of all sustainable energy strategies. Implementing a comprehensive energy efficiency retrofit project that pays for itself through the energy savings can be a complex undertaking. There is an increasingly global need to implement energy efficiency projects on a widespread basis to reduce fossil fuel consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the number of power plants being brought on line, to reduce transmission and distribution line capacity constraints, and to capture the amount of electricity lost and wasted as it travels the power lines.

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) such as Redex-International are an experienced and effective delivery mechanism to provide the maximum amount of energy efficiency resources. Organizations often turn to ESCOs when considering retrofit projects since ESCOs have extensive design and implementation experience in integrating multiple efficiency measures, mitigating technical and performance risks, and providing a financial guarantee to project lenders that the energy savings generated will cover the debt service. 

ESCOs, in essence, act as project developers as they integrate the project’s design, financing, installation and operational elements. Project contract terms typically range between seven and twenty years depending on the types of measures installed. The main differentiator between ESCOs and other energy efficiency contractors is the guarantee of energy savings which is specified as part of the terms of an energy savings performance contract (ESPC).

Since 1990, ESCOs have delivered: -$50B in projects paid from savings -$55B savings – guaranteed and verified -450,000 person-years of direct employment -$33 billion of infrastructure improvements in public facilities -450 million tons of CO2 savings at no additional cost 



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